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How can I protect my children from Online Pornography?

The Internet is an extremely powerful tool. There is no better way available to access a wealth of information quickly and efficiently. Children need to become experienced with this tool to be prepared for the work force in the coming years. With this power comes people who misuse this power. Pornographic web sites will often purchase domain names that seem to be legitimate commercial web addresses ie. and place pornographic material on this site. Even worse, some will use common misspellings of popular sites, i.e.

From a technology standpoint, the best bet is to use a filtered Internet service, such as Evansville Online’s KidSafe. A filtered Internet service will block out pornography before it ever makes it to your computer. Other options include programs that are installed on your computer which filter the content once it is on your computer (ie. BSafe Online). This option is fine if you are trying to keep a younger child from happening across pornography, but is not as useful at the age where a teen may be willfully seeking out pornography. Remember, your child may know more about the computer than you.

Technology is not enough by itself. To successfully protect your children from the dangers of the Internet, you must take an active role in your child’s Internet use. Pornography is not the only risk that a child encounters on the Internet. Child Predators are also a big risk because of the anonymity of the Internet. Sometimes, adults will pose as children, with the intent of molestation. Chat rooms are very risky for children, if they are not closely supervised. Teach your children to never give out any personal information in a chat room. Parental supervision and involvement are essential to creating a positive and safe environment where your child can learn to utilize an extremely important learning tool.

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