My hard drive died! Please help!

Many people think that their computer is running slow because it is getting older or is ‘bogged down’ by or ‘full’ of programs and data. Often times people believe it is due to spyware, adware or a virus.

While this may be true, many times I find the problem is something entirely different. It’s the hard drive. The hard drive is where all the data is being stored on your computer. Your documents, photos, music and videos are all on the hard drive. Hard drives heat up, and most also have moving parts look what i found. Both the heat and the spinning cause the hard drive to wear out, just as a part on your car wears out.

Your data is irreplaceable unless you have a good backup. Make sure you are using a very good online backup like CrashPlan for example. See here:  CRASHPLAN Online Backup

If you don’t have a good backup and your hard drive crashes, you will need data recovery. We provide data recovery services for our clients. Don’t try to do this yourself.

Methods like ‘freezing the hard drive’ rarely work. And contrary to popular believe, hard drives are NOT sealed. Moisture can get in and will make data recovery more difficult. Software data recovery puts extreme stress on the drive and may not get your files and may make it impossible for someone who has the right equipment and skill set to do the job.

Data recovery isn’t cheap, but if your data is worth it, don’t ruin the chance of recovery by damaging the drive even more.

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